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Media Coverage on Medical Research Budget Concerns

24 Dec 2013

11 Nov 2013

8  Nov 2013

11 Oct 2013

Dr. Francis Collins:  Investing in the Nation's Health

NDD Report, Faces of Austerity: How Budget Cuts Have Made Us Sicker, Poorer and Less Secure
Dr. Francis Collins:  Politics on the Frontier of Science

AACR Letter to Congress on Government Shutdown​

​10 Oct 2013 FASEB Alert Urges Congress to End the Government Shutdown
​3 Oct 2013 Shutdown puts child's cancer treatment on hold​
​3 Oct 2013
From Therapy Dogs To New Patients, Federal Shutdown Hits NIH​
​1 Oct 2013 Budget Cuts, Sequester, Shutdown. When Will the Damage End?​
​24 Sept 2013 One Nation in Support of Biomedical Research
​18 Sept 2013 Charles Sawyers Discusses New Report about Cancer Progress and Challenges
​17 Sept 2013
AACR Cancer Progress Report Shows Strides, Importance of Funding
​17 Sept 2013
‘Century of Biology’ in U.S. Is Being Undone by Sequester​
​17 Sept 2013 Dr. Jack C. Westman: Why we are losing the war against cancer​
​16 Sept 2013 Sequester squeezes scientists
​16 Sept 2013
Take It From Tony: Investing in NIH Research Saves Lives​
​11 Sept 2013 Cutting Biomedical Research $$ Shortens Americans' Lifespans
​11 Sept 2013 Budget Woes and Research
​10 Sept 2013 Oregon Health & Science University budget picture keeps improving​
​8 Sept 2013
Birthplace of big ideas: Governments, not entrepreneurs, are the main drivers of innovation​
​4 Sept 2013 Making Cancer Drugs More Effective
​4 Sept 2013 A Dark Future for Science
​3 Sept 2013 Scientists laid off due to budget cuts
​3 Sept 2013 Budget Battles Keep Agencies Guessing
​30 Aug 2013 U of M, Mayo feeling federal budget cuts
​29 Aug 2013

27 Aug 2013

25 Aug 2013
Nearly 20 Percent of Scientists Contemplate Moving Overseas Due
In Part To Sequestration
Florida Congressman Visits a Cancer Research Center, Gets an Earful About Damaging Sequester Cuts
Ky Voices: Research investment drives progress
​23 Aug 2013 NIH Director On Sequestration: 'God Help Us If We Get A Worldwide Pandemic'
​22 Aug 2013 ​Life, Interrupted: A Test of Faith
​21 Aug 2013 Research for Universal Health Coverage
20 Aug 2013 ​VUMC Chief Explains Job Cuts, Hard Choices
19 Aug 2013 What I learned about cancer research advances during my tour of MD Anderson​
18 Aug 2013 SEQUESTER CUTS: U of M biomedical research suffers​
17 Aug 2013 Longer funding cycles vital in cancer research
16 Aug 2013 Sequestration Forces Scientists To Euthanize His Genetically Modified Rabbits
16 Aug 2013 George Will: The sequester's a public health hazard
15 Aug 2013 Health research is essential for progress towards universal health coverage
​15 Aug 2013 Casey advocates for medical research funding
​14 Aug 2013 ​Sequestration Ushers In A Dark Age For Science in America
​14 Aug 2013 ​Baldwin says bill would strengthen US research
14 Aug 2013 American Society of Hematology Awards Additional Grants to Support Critical Research Threatened by NIH Cuts
​14 Aug 2013 ​Research funding outlook appears less certain
13 Aug 2013 Apocalypse Soon, if we keep on cutting science
10 Aug 2013 Is medical research the best use for a sales tax increase in Jackson County?
​8 Aug 2013 Framingham Heart Study Carries on, Despite Budget Cuts
8 Aug 2013 Pitt Funds Promising Technologies
​8 Aug 2013 NICHD Wants Adult Biomarkers Tailored for Pediatric Use
​7 Aug 2013 The UK is a Leading Innovation Nation
​6 Aug 2013 UCLA prostate cancer research program receives $11.6 million federal grant
​6 Aug 2013 5 New Rules of Cancer​
4 Aug 2013 Tailoring cancer studies to fit people who need to get better
​4 Aug 2013 Restore funding for medical research: Editorial
​31 Jul 2013 ​Vacirca: Sequestration not hurting? Ask cancer patients
​29 Jul 2013 ​Congressman Chris Collins and local families push Kids First Research Act
​23 Jul 2013 ​NIH funds new grants exploring use of genome sequencing in patient care

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