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Rally for Medical Research-April 8, 2013


Rep. Rosa DeLauro remarked, "We need to make it clear to my colleagues [in Congress] exactly what these cuts mean for the health of America's families. When they see a grass roots movement rising up, from doctors, from scientists, from advocates and patients, you are impossible to ignore … You need to overwhelm the institution with your voices."
Former Congressman John Porter addressed the rally attendees with a call to action. “It’s time to get mad and really start fighting. Medical research is hurting—your future and the future of your institution is at stake.” Porter further noted, “We cannot rest until the sequester is replaced—until the pressure of the sequester is removed from medical research.” The former Republican representative was a powerful voice for medical research when he served as chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee that funds NIH, and he continues to be a staunch champion for the lifesaving research that is supported by the agency.
Dressed in white Rally for Medical Research T-shirts, rally participants chanted "more progress, more hope, more life." The attendees also raised their cell phones with actress Maura Tierney to send a mass text message asking Congress to reverse the cuts to NIH.
The Rally for Medical Research received significant attention in the trade press and tweets with the rally's tag #RallyMedRes were second in events tweeted about for the day. View the webcast or visit the Rally for Medical Research website to learn more about this historic event and to continue the rally efforts by expressing your support for increased funding for medical research.

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